You Should Know Type A and B Fire Before You Buy A Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is very important for safety. However, it will be a lot better for you to know several types of fire before you buy the fire extinguisher cabinets, so you may deal with the fire properly.

Here are the type A and B fire that you must know:

Type A: Fire in type A is very commonly recognized and is a basic type of fire that can be overcome by using a light fire extinguisher with water-based material. This lightweight water-based fire extinguisher is very easy to dispel type A fires. This type A fire is a fire involving paper, wood, textiles, and plastic. The main chemical used to fight this fire is mono ammonium phosphate which is usually also mixed into a mild fire extinguisher with water material because of its ability to extinguish fires quickly.

Type B: This type B fire is also very well known and can be extinguished with a mild fire extinguisher with a mixture of water which is usually mono-ammonium phosphate. This type B fire is a fire that comes from a flammable liquid. This dangerous liquid is like oil, gasoline, kerosene or paint which is usually accidentally ignited. Two chemicals that are commonly used as lightweight firefighters that are effective in addition to mono ammonium phosphate in combating these types of fires are sodium bicarbonate which can induce chemical reactions that extinguish fires.

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