Tips For Painting Wood By Using Brush Paint

The finishing process of furniture using paints has several or applications that can be used such as spet, brush, cloth, roll, etc. The tool is usually used according to your needs and abilities in finishing. If you choose spet or spray gun then you have to spend more money to buy a computer that serves to provide wind pressure. If you use a roll, not necessarily can be used for fields that are not flat or many curves. The easiest and cheapest tool for wood painting is a brush. The use of brushes in finishing also cannot be done carelessly. That’s why if you wish to learn more about it, here are the easiest and most helpful tips for using brush paint for wood painting:

Determine the brush size and compare it to the furniture that will be painted. If the area is wide and flat you can use a large brush. Whereas if the field has a lot of carvings or many curves, use a medium to small sized brush.

Flatten the brush surface, if the brush has an uneven tip you can use scissors and even it.

The direction of painting, when you apply the brush, it must be in the direction of the wood fiber. If you apply it opposite the fiber, the surface will be uneven.

If you paint there are two ways to hold the brush that is like holding a racket and like holding a spoon. When you apply it to a wide area, use it like holding a racket. If you paint a small field and a curve then use the second method.

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