These Are Easy Tips To Maintain School Uniforms

If the child’s uniform can still be worn for the next day, we recommend that the garment be hung with a cloth hanger (hook) in a place that is exposed to the wind. This effort aims to make children’s school uniforms not chaotic.

In addition, it prevents moisture that allows the appearance of black spots on the clothes, especially on the armpits and back.

Wash with a little washing soap

If the child’s uniform is too dirty, immediately wash it using a little soap. However, rinsing with enough water. Actually, washing your child’s uniform too often with too many washers will make it weathered quickly and fades.

Drying uniformly in the shade

Drying school clothes for children who have been washed should only be dried in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Ironing with medium temperature

Ironing your child’s school uniforms to aim neatly. It should be ironed when the iron is very high. The goal is that the clothes do not thin out quickly and easily tear.