Cleaning the Leather Watch

As with other leather items, leather coach watches must get extra attention to make it more durable and look new. Caring for and cleaning leather coach watches is more or less the same as other leather accessories. Avoid putting coach watches near coolers or heating. Abnormal temperature conditions will cause the skin strap to lose the moist element and the natural oil it contains so it dries faster and is damaged. Keep the leather watch in a special box. That way, coach watches follow the shape of a small cushion provided so that the strap shape remains durable and free from dust exposure. You can also look for an exclusive watch box that can be a jewelry box that is suitable for true watch collectors.

At least once a week, take and watch your leather watch. Note if there is dirt or stains attached to the strap or glass of the watch. Clean with a slightly damp cloth to gently rub the oil stain or dirt. Even better if you provide a microfiber type fabric so as not to leave scratches on the glass part of your watch.